COVID-19 UPDATE for 2022

We remain committed to supporting the adult social care sector  through the next phase of COVID-19 response and protecting the most vulnerable whilst enabling people to live their lives with as few restrictions as possible.

What does the removal of self-isolation mean for workers in Adult Social Care (ASC) settings?  Should staff still self-isolate if necessary from Thursday 24th February 2022?

There will be no change in advice for our staff who currently need to self-isolate across ASC from Thursday 24th.  Guidance will be updated to remove references to the legal requirement but anyone who tests positive and who is an unvaccinated contact should still stay at home and avoid contact, and should stay away from work.  This advice will also be provided to the general public so although self-isolation will no longer be the law, there will continue to be strong guidance to stay at home and avoid contact with people.

From Thursday 24th, does anything change about testing to reduce isolation periods e.g. if you’re a vaccinated contact or if you have tested positive?

There will be no change in advice in when to test from Thursday 24th apart from updates to guidance to remove references to the legal requirement. For example, if staff are asymptomatic vaccinated contacts, advice remains that they should stay away from work, take a PCR, and if negative, they can return to work whilst testing daily. Or, if an individual has tested positive, the advice continues to be that individuals should stay home, and only come back to work following two negative consecutive LFD tests from days 5 and 6.

The PM’s speech and living with Covid document didn’t mention continued free asymptomatic testing for our staff.  Should we keep testing now and will testing provision end?

Testing for all staff,  should continue in line with the relevant testing regimes set out, testing remains important to quickly identify individuals who are likely to be highly infectious and enables them to self-isolate to reduce transmission and keep the most vulnerable safe.  Further detail on future testing will be provided in due course.

All our staff will continue to wear masks and undertake as a minimum an asymptomatic weekly test.

Our policy is to change nothing until we hear otherwise to keep our staff and clients safe.

Posted on: February 25, 2022

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