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Direct Payments - giving you more choice

Direct Payments

What is the Direct Payment Scheme?
Direct Payments are offered by your local authority to give you more flexibility over how your care and support is arranged and provided. They are given to both people with care and support needs and also to carers.

Who is the Scheme for? 
The Direct Payment Scheme is open to anyone who has been assessed by Social Services as having care needs.  

Do you have to join the Scheme?
It is your choice whether or not to have Direct Payments. People must want to use the scheme and be able to manage their care arrangements and keep information about how the money is used as the payments are made directly to individuals.

What are the benefits for you?
A Direct Payment will give you more flexibility in how your care is provided and who provides it. Receiving the money directly enables you to have greater choice and control and you will be able to make your own decisions about how your care is delivered. The scheme will however require you to open a separate bank account and keep records and simple accounts.

How is the amount of Direct Payment worked out?
The amount of the direct payment given to you will equate to the number of hours per week of care that you have been assessed as needing. But instead of social services saying how, what and when you should receive that care, you can now decide for yourself and make your own arrangements with the care company of your choice.

Why should I choose Candlelight to provide my care?
If you ask us to provide your care we can provide flexible services to meet your needs. You can use your Direct Payments to buy your care from us and receive all the benefits of our professional, highly-trained and vetted care staff. We can also help you take care of the records and simple accounts required under the scheme.

Need more Information? 
For more information about the Direct Payments Scheme visit the NHS Choices website.