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We charge one rate, with no hidden extras

Our homecare & live-in care costs

Homecare Charges
When choosing a company to provide care at home, cost is obviously a very important consideration. But not all care companies cost their services in the same way, so price comparisons can be misleading. Some companies may offer attractive rates, only for you to find that there are additional costs for care staff travel. 

We charge a straight-forward rate so you know exactly how much you will be paying in advance and can be safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden extras in the homecare costs. 

Although we have different scales of charges for daytime, evenings, weekends and bank holiday visits, these will be clearly explained to you in advance and you will be given a full breakdown of the charges. 

Live In Care Costs
Our Live In Care service is run independently from Candlelight Care and is called Candlelight24.