There is so much potential in the care industry  
Roxy – Recruitment Specialist
It has a good reputation, its well run & I get set days off
Tracey – Team Leader
I love to put a smile on peoples faces
Kirsty – Team Manager
“It’s a big responsibility to go into someone’s home to support and help them, and it was more of a confidence thing (for me) – whether I would be...
Becky Gillett
"I always think that if my clients were members of my family, then how would I want them to be treated? I do everything I can for them."
Carmel Bradley
"The skills I learned at Candlelight were extremely transferable and my experience at Candlelight has helped me with subsequent job interviews, it even helped me obtain a recent job...
Gemma Voysey
"When I started at Candlelight Care, I told them that I wanted to progress and prove myself. So I just worked really hard and did what I could, and...
Emily Cook
“The support and encouragement Candlelight Care gave me meant I was able to achieve more than I ever thought possible.”
Becky Davies
"Care is a great field to work in because it’s so rewarding to know you are making a difference to people’s lives and it opens doors to other aspects...
Lorna Kent
"There’s nothing nicer than seeing how pleased your clients are to see you and I feel real affection from my clients who are truly grateful for the support I...
Angela Harper
"Candlelight Care is the nicest company I’ve ever worked for."
Catherine Gibson
"The hours are fantastic … and you can pick up extra hours if you want them."
Chloe Beale

Staff Testimonials