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Why Choose Live In Care?

Live In Care is a cost effective solution when, for whatever reason, people are not able to live safely and independently at home.

This could be an ongoing situation, during recovery after an illness or operation, or when a family carer needs to take a break or has an illness themselves. Residential care could be an option to consider at times like these, but live-in care is often a suitable alternative.  

The live-in carers supplied by Candlelight24 are special people who have a compassionate and caring nature as well as all the necessary qualifications and experience. The help and support they can provide can be any or all of the below;

Personal care: This is likely to include help with getting up, toileting, bathing, washing, dressing, overseeing medication, and so on.

Companionship: Many people find it comforting to have company when watching TV, going for a walk, taking part in hobbies, going to appointments, etc.

Household tasks: This would cover everyday things such as housework, laundry, cooking, shopping, caring for pets and running errands.

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