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Trained staff who can help

Special care

We are able to offer help and support to people with more complex needs and have staff who have received additional training to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise. Typically, this covers conditions such as stroke, dementia (and related diseases), MS, Parkinsons and end of life (palliative care). 

Stroke recovery

Recovery from a stroke can be a long, slow and gradual process and most people will not be fully recovered when it’s time to leave hospital. They are likely to need ongoing rehabilitation at home and this can be a daunting time for the patient and the person who is caring for them. Help may be required with basic, everyday tasks such as washing and dressing as well as exercises to help with rehabilitation.

In the short-term a person might be entitled to help from the community or district nurse, but additional help may be required once this care ends, or extra assistance may be needed over and above what is being provided. This is where we can help. 


Having dementia is life-changing,and as the disease progresses, a person may become more and more dependent on others. Some people with dementia feel vulnerable and remaining at home helps them to feel safe and secure and allows them to retain as much independence as possible. Much can be done by our qualified and experienced staff at a practical level to help people with dementia. 

Palliative care (end of life)

We can provide support for people who have chosen to be at home in the last days of their life. We can help in a variety of different ways including everyday household duties, personal care or respite breaks for family carers, or simply providing companionship and moral support. Where health needs are complex, we will work with other health professionals to ensure the best quality of care. 

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