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I walk through the door and my client says ‘Oh, I'm so glad it's you!’

Catherine has been working at Candlelight for around six years, and was a carer in another part of the UK before that. She used to be a teacher but moved into care when she moved to Frome.

Candlelight Care has a good reputation, it’s a well-established company. They listen to feedback and suggestions, and do follow up on issues if you raise them. And they give you challenging opportunities.

There is the financial aspect to my work, of course. But it’s the variation I love – each job is different and challenging in its own way - you approach each client differently so there’s never a dull moment.

You get to know your clients and their unique habits and personalities. I’ve got one client who often leaves me outside ringing the doorbell for ten minutes because she’s not a morning person and hasn’t got herself out of bed yet – I often have to phone her up to ask her to let me in. Then there are other clients who are up, washed and dressed when I arrive (which is part of my job, really) because they actually want to spend the time chatting about things.

Candlelight Care is the nicest company I’ve ever worked for.

Making a difference to somebody’s life

Christmas can be hard because some clients won’t have had any visitors or contact at all, and departures can be difficult sometimes when your client just doesn’t want you to go. But I love it when their face lights up when they see me, and I love seeing the difference I’m making to their lives. It’s a real sense of accomplishment, I suppose.

Care can truly be a job for life if you’re good at it, which you can’t say about many jobs nowadays.

It’s really satisfying when you walk through the door and your client says, “Oh, I’m so glad it’s you!” Yes, there are elements to the jobs, such as personal care, that aren’t so pleasant, but you get used to them. Every job includes bits that you don’t enjoy. But, for the most part, I enjoy being able to get around and meet people and do something for them.

I took a few days off recently and couldn’t wait to get back to work.

A career in care can be really rewarding. If you think you've got what it takes to support people through homecare, and you live in or around Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire or East Sussex, contact your nearest branch to find out about available opportunities.