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If you’re suited to care then it’s a great profession

Carmel has worked at the Candlelight branch in Uckfield for over 11 years. She used to work as a nanny but her daughter-in-law suggested a move to care. Carmel gave it a go – the rest is history!

I just enjoy working in care so much

I love talking to the people and making them feel happier. Sometimes you visit a client who’s hungry, or feeling down, or who needs some company and you leave them in a better state of mind than when you arrived. That gives you a real sense of satisfaction - it’s a great feeling to think that you’ve done a good job. Many of my clients are elderly and some of them are absolute crackers – full of incredible stories and experiences! They’re amazing people.

I love the team at Candlelight and we all support each other as much as we can. 

There can be sad times, but it’s generally positive and fun

You might go into someone’s house in the morning and find that they’re very poorly, which can make you feel sad too (we’re only human, after all!).  Sometimes your clients might end up in the hospital, but some might not come back, which is sad. Some clients have to go into respite care, which might be miles away, so you don’t see them again. I often wonder about them, and how they’re doing. Very rarely, you might find someone who’s passed away, which can be very sad. You get a lot of support from the other care workers at Candlelight if this happens.

As with all other care companies, some carers can find the workload a bit stressful. It can be quite full on, and it’s sometimes a struggle to get from one place to the other on time. Even if you’ve got ten client visits to do on one day you’ve got to turn up at each one pretending it’s your first one – no yawning or moaning. Your client has to feel like the most important person in the world to you at that moment.

You’ve got to be prepared to take the highs and the lows

You get full training for the basics, but you’ve got to be prepared to learn more along the way. And working in care is great – but not always. You’ve got to be prepared to take the highs and the lows and sometimes (like in any job, really) you might come home and wonder why you’re doing it. But then the next day might be amazing again. You’ve got to be the right sort of person. Good communication skills, for a start. Plenty of patience. And you have to be understanding, thoughtful and kind. If you have all those qualities then a career in care might be just the thing for you.

I always think that if my clients were members of my family, then how would I want them to be treated? I do everything I can for them.

A career in care can be really rewarding. If you think you've got what it takes to support people through homecare, and you live in or around Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire or East Sussex, contact your nearest branch to find out about available opportunities.