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Spotting the warning signs of dementia

When a person you love experiences age-related changes, it can be worrying to watch. But age-related change isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Most people experience changes in their sight and general mobility as they grow older, and many find they are more forgetful than they used to be. However, if your relative has changed significantly, in ways that affect their everyday life, this may be a sign of something more serious.

Wonderful Afternoon Tea for Candlelight clients in East Sussex

Ringmer Village Hall was the venue for a fabulous tea party Candlelight Uckfield held for some of their clients yesterday. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who came. There was plenty of food to eat thanks to the baking skills of the care staff, with homemade sausage rolls, scones, chocolate cake, fruity flapjacks and some beautiful cupcakes. Clients enjoyed music and a raffle and our CEO, Peter Lugg chatted to all the clients, who thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. One of our retired care staff also came along to help in the kitchen.

Congratulations Daisy, 108 years old

We are very proud to have the privilege of providing care for one of Glastonbury’s oldest residents, Daisy Bastin, who was 108 last week. She celebrated this amazing milestone with a party for her closest friends, including two of her regular Candlelight care staff, Martine Crowther and Lisa Drew.