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Tips for supporting a person with Dementia

Receiving a Dementia diagnosis can seem very final, but many people go on to live long, fulfilling lives after diagnosis so need the support of friends and family to overcome the frustrations that the condition can cause so they can live the fullest lives possible.


Candlelight Care welcomed special guests to our Trowbridge branch office this week for the opening of the new Assistive Technology room, developed in conjunction with the Aster Group. The two organisations have joined forces to help vulnerable people in the South West to remain safe and independent in their own homes. The Assistive Technology room will help to raise awareness of the superb and innovative range of equipment which the Aster Group can supply to create a safe environment for people wishing to remain at home, rather than be admitted into residential care.

Candlelight Is Committed to Dementia Friends

Candlelight Care are absolutely committed to encouraging their staff to become ‘Dementia Friends’. Becky Davies (our Training Manager) is delivering information sessions to our staff so that they can learn more about what it is like for our clients (or their families) to live with Dementia, and learn how to turn that understanding into action. Anyone of any age can become a ‘Dementia Friend’ and it’s all about learning more about Dementia and the small ways we can help sufferers and their families - every action counts!